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VoIP Configuration


VoIP Configuration

Hello, I work for a small business with about 35 users at our main office and we recently moved to a VoIP system with Nextiva. Things have been fine, but I do get an occasional comment about call quality. I'd like to setup Auto-VoIP and VLANs on our switches but had some questions. Also, we have a Sophos UTM managed by a 3rd party that is our FW, router, and also handles DHCP and DNS. Our phones are Yealink T46Us.


Should I:


  • Leave the default VLAN1 configured for PCs, servers, etc.
  • Configure VLAN20 for the phones.
  • Configure Auto-VoIP to VLAN20 based on OUI, protocol, or both.
  • Create a corresponding subnet (e.g., for VLAN20.
  • Have our 3rd party create the VLANs and subnet on the router.
  • Am I missing anything?

What I also struggle with is tagged versus untagged ports, and PVID. From what I've read/watched, seems like I'd want to make sure I'm tagging VLAN20 on the uplinks between switches and the uplink to the router. additionally, VLAN1 should be untagged? This essentially makes the uplinks trunks versus access ports, yes? For the access ports some PCs hang off the Yealink phone, some do not. How should tagging/untagging work for ports with only a PC, ports with only a phone, and ports with both?


I know it's a lot to unpack, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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