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XS748T Freezing


XS748T Freezing

XS748T firmware:


I have run into an issue recently with my XS748T switch.  I added a new M4300 12X12 switch to my network. 

  1. I have the Ubiquiti firewall/router plugged into the M43000
  2. I have the XS748T plugged into the M4300 switch

The XS748T has frozen twice in the last 9 or 10 days.  I have to factory reset the switch to get it to work.  This has never happened before but only started with the addition of the new switch.


I am looking for any suggestions or ideas that might be out there to help sort out if this is an issue caused by the addition of the new switch or if it is a hardware issue with XS748T.



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Re: XS748T Freezing

For any case of unexpected service stoppage, it's always worth to review the switches and router interconnectivity, the configuration of Spanning Tree (STP and RSTP). Based on the minimum of information, impossible to provide advise. Very often, a port is entering a discarding(blocking) state, while the others will remain in a forwarding (working) state.


@gorkatjimmies wrote:

I have to factory reset the switch to get it to work.

A simple cold or warm start isn't sufficient? 


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Re: XS748T Freezing

I will try to get and post more detail on STP settings.  Unfortunately a warm or cold start does not work.  It is only after a factory reset that I can access the XS848T switch.  When it freezes, any computer attached to the M4300 switch can still access the Internet and other PCs on that switch.  Most of the computers are connected to the XS748T and they cannot access anything and they cannot be accessed by anything.

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