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buffer and throughput limiting at switches


buffer and throughput limiting at switches


I need a switch that gives me the opportunity to control (limit) the throughput and the buffer-size per each specific ip.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!


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Re: buffer and throughput limiting at switches

Hi mike1983


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Any Fully Managed Switch platform will offer this possibility: ACLs (access control lists) with L2 (MAC), L3 (IP) and L4 (TCP/UDP) offer filtering and associated rate limiting at the ingress and/or the egress for each traffic pattern, including burst size. These ACL rules can be time-based (based on a schedule) and binded with physical ports, LAGs or with VLANs. This is advanced classifier-based hardware implementation for security and prioritization.


M4100 models are Fast Ethernet and Gigabit models, and M4200 is Multi-Gigabit Ethernet - all models are standalone with Static L3 routing.

ACLs can work at ingress only with M4100 and M4200 models. The M4100-D12G (GSM5212-100NES ordering SKU) would be the first solution, if no other port count requirement.


M4300 models are Gigabit and 10 Gigabit models - all models are stackable and come with full Layer 3 routing. 

ACLs can work at ingress and egress with M4300 models.


I hope this helps,


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