configure Netgear switch

Hi ,

i'm using this Netgear switch in topology of PTP transparent clock .

i have connected to the switch :

a. Grandmaster - Microsemi 4100 time provider to port 15 (copper).

b. silicom server #1 - fiber to port 3

c. supermicro server #2 - fiber to port 2


my goal is to supply PTP packets coming from Grandmaster via switch to both servers(act as PTP slave) .

at servers side PTP shall be receive as without vlan and from  Grandmaster  it can come with or without vlan (on the eth frames-L2 multicast).

can someone consult with correct switch configuration? 


Thanks !

Model: XSM4316S|M4300-8X8F - Stackable Managed Switch with 16x10G including 8x10GBASE-T and 8xSFP+ Layer 3
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