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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

cp210x usb to uart


cp210x usb to uart

Using the black USB cable that comes with the switch I was able to install cp210x usb to uart drivers and successfully access the console port using 1 Windows 10 machine.


However, on all other machines (including other Windows 10 and Mac's), I get an error when plugging the cable in. The drivers seem to install fine but when I plug the cable in, no port gets assigned and there's just an error next to the device in Device Manager. I read something about possible improper enumeration but that's really above my pay grade.


Any thoughts as to why I'm having such a difficult time here? It worked great on that first Windows 10 machine.



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Re: cp210x usb to uart

Have installed the Netgear supplied USB Console Driver from the related Netgear download section -before- plugging the USB console cable?

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