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m4300 Dynamic locking?


m4300 Dynamic locking?

I have a few ports turning red in the gui and they are shutting down access to the ports.   I don't know the source of the issue yet but I do have some ruckus APs on the switches with up to 25 people per port.   I looked at the switch security but couldn't find the part where it mentions dynamic locking. 


Any recommendations you have on how to get to dynamic locking and changes you recommend from the defaults for denial of service or anything else would be appreciated.


Ideally it would turn the port back on after an hour and just leave a clear message in the log on why it shut down the port and at what time - e.g. 0D:8C:69:A4:FE:7A on port 3/22 suspected of DOS attack port shut down.



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Re: m4300 Dynamic locking?

Hello @boe


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Are you able to share the logs of the switch? Please share the Tech Support file here so we can check what is happening to the port you mentioned. 


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