App won't detect canvas


App won't detect canvas

I am struggling to connect the canvas to the app everytime. 

I managed once but have no idea why it worked then and not another. Each time I need to connect I have to erase the canvas from my app as there appears to be no other way to choose the wifi network I wish to connect to. When I do this, it rarely offers me my Wifi network as an option, and does not connect when I enter it manually.

Occasionally the canvas does connect, but even then the app still sees my canvas as offline. 

I am losing my mind with this, any help is much appreciated. 

Model: MC227| Meural Canvas
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Re: App won't detect canvas

Hello Waterpixies,


Thank you for reaching out. Here is a link to a knowledge base article that explains how to connect the Meural to WiFi:



Kevin K., NETGEAR Meural Community Team

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