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Can’t get new playlist to play


Can’t get new playlist to play

Meural SW version 2.0.9
We pay the annual fee simply for the extra storage space, but can’t get new playlists to play. App tells us the playlist is sent, Meural turns on but screen is blank. There is only one old playlist that we are able to play. Deleted & reloaded the app, didn’t help. App tells us 2.3 of 4.0 GB onboard available, and nearly 14GB of 20 in the cloud available. Considrrrd deleting the one playlist but message pops up, “Are you sure? You won’t be able to get these back”. With over 600 pictures in that playlist, don’t want to do that. So our fancy Meural is basically useless for showing pics from our latest vaca? Bad enough we paid the big bucks for it, but now it’s also costing us $70 per year for nothing we want? Ver frustrating! Appreciate any guidance anyone can provide.
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Re: Can’t get new playlist to play

Hello @Steve-Lisa ,


Welcome to the NETGEAR Community!


I understand that you are not able to successfully send any new playlists to your Meural Canvas. The Meural Membership provides extra cloud storage. Issues between your Wi-Fi connection and your Meural Canvas may be the cause of this behavior. Please reconnect your Meural Canvas to your wireless network then send the playlists to your Meural Canvas. 


Please navigate to the link below for instructions on how to connect your Meural Canvas to a new wireless network:

How do I connect my Meural Canvas to a new WiFi network? | Answer | NETGEAR Support




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