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Meural Canvas showing black screen for some images ?


Meural Canvas showing black screen for some images ?

I have two Meural Canvas. One hung horizontal (landscape) the other vertical. Lately the horizontal one has an issue. Some of the art I've selected via membership (I am still a member) display as a black screen. If I gesture (bottom of the screen up) the name of the artwork appears. All of the images I've uploaded from my phone work great .. some of the images that I've uploaded from the membership selection work. Sidenote .. I've checked and all of the images that display a black screen are the correct orientation (landscape).

If I can't fix it Id like to simply delete these images, but I cannot find where / how to do that? I run everything from "recent" folder and the images I loaded from my phone all have a delete button. None of the images I loaded from membership included a delete.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated thanks.

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Re: Meural Canvas showing black screen for some images ?

Hello @julioo ,


Welcome to the NETGEAR Community!


I understand that you would like to remove some of the works on your Meural membership subscription playlists. This can be achieved by creating a personal custom playlist then adding the works from membership playlist  to your personal playlist by selecting your desired works and adding it to one of your personal playlists. Then send your personal playlist to your Meural Canvas. This configuration will allow you to remove works from the playlist displayed on your Meural Canvas as desired.


To accomplish creating a personal custom playlist using works from the public playlist follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Open your Meural app.
  2. Navigate to "Discover".
  3. Tap your desired playlist.
  4. Now swipe the photos or works (located above the playlist name) to the left.
  5. Tap your desired photo.
  6. Swipe up then tap Add to Playlist.
  7. Now select your desired Playlist.




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