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Re: Meural app crashes when trying to access settings


Meural app crashes when trying to access settings

Hey all
Just installed my Meural canvas and first impressions are a little disappointing.

App bombs out when I try and select the lower right option which I believe is what I need to access to reduce brightness

As it is brightness is too high so clearly looks like a screen on the wall rather than anything close to a canvas with the more muted tones/brightness.

Power cable all kinked after being wound too tight meaning I’ll have to use conduit or similar to hide.

Anyone else got the same app problems? Looks like it was updated a week ago.

Love the idea of this but at this price the experience needs to better

At least there’s a phone number I can ring but on hold for 8 mins so far so not looking promising!!

Model: MC321| Meural Canvas II
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Re: Meural app crashes when trying to access settings

Hello Nj1983,

Thank you for the feedback regarding the Meural.


We would suggest going into the Light Sensitivity option under the Canvas Settings. Here, you can turn off the Auto-adjust brightness option along with choosing the Light Sensitivity.


The Canvas will automatically adjust the brightness to match its surroundings in the room it is displayed. However, since all rooms are not built the same, we recommend selecting the best option (High, Medium or Low) for how bright you'd like your Canvas screen to display in.


We will also forward your comments about the Meural app to the product manager and team.



Kevin K., NETGEAR Meural Community Team

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Re: Meural app crashes when trying to access settings

I had the same issue with the app in iOS. Uninstalling it and re-installing it (and signing in again) fixed it.

Once you go into that you should be able to adjust the brightness settings.

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