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Photo / Playlist Issues


Photo / Playlist Issues

Really cool product concept, pretty disappointed with software execution (website, app).


I have a lot of photos I wanted to upload (just over 3,000) but didn't want to use a MicroSD becuase that means pull it off the wall and put it back up everytime I want to add. All photos were downsized to 1080x1920 resolution and 92 quality.


Tried to do a large upload in the app, crashed instantly each time. So maybe there's an upload limit on photos which is fair... someone didn't want to code to carry 4 digit numbers on the upload message in the app :). Broke it down into 7 folders of about 500 each. Moved them from my PC to my phone, uploaded via the app. Looks like most worked, got a message after each upload that 4-80 didn't upload due to network issues. Wrote those files down, added to a playlist and moved on. All is done and they playlist only says ~1800 image so where did the rest go? Should hae been maybe 2900. I can't even get a full list of the image that are in the playlist because the website stops loading at 100 or so.  


All in was about 4gb (which matches up with cloud storage) yet the Meural Canvas has 8gb storage and it looks like to upload to the device it needs to go through cloud first. So that doesn't make any sense because I can't use the 8gb of storage.



-Any idea where the photos went?

-How can I get a list of photos in the playlist (or that were uploaded) to find out what's missing?

-If I have to upload to cloud first to upload the device, how can I upload 8gb of content to the 8gb of storage?

-Someone else asked a great question - why can't I just plug into the usb and direct transfer stuff?


Maybe I'm a fringe case with this many photos, but overall pretty frustrating even it it were over 100-200.

Model: MC227| Meural Canvas
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NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Photo / Playlist Issues

There has been a recent update to the App and the upload process, including more error handling to let you know why an image didn't upload.  Please try the process again and see if you still encounter the errors, and if so please log into MyNetgear and let Meural Support know what you are experiencing, and they will be happy to help you.



Meural Team

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