SD card visibility on app


SD card visibility on app

I have two playlists on an SD card. The canvas reads them just fine when I use swipe gestures on the canvas to browse and view images on the card. However those playlists on the SD card do not show up on the app. I cannot use the app to view those playlists and browse the images to send to the canvas. Is there a way for these playlists on the SD card to be viewable on the app??
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Re: SD card visibility on app

The SD card slot is designed for quick access to images, and does not communicate with the Meural Cloud account, which is what the Meural app communicates with.  You will need to upload the images you have on your SD card to a playlist in your Meural account to be able to manage and add/subtract additional images.



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Re: SD card visibility on app

Thank you for the reply.  I have two playlists on the SD card.  Together it contains about 600 images or about 2GBs.  I'm concerned about adding that many to the canvas from the cloud.  

Prior to now, I had all these on the canvas and it stopped working and any command from the mobile app to change images or playlists stopped working.  Netgear support felt it was because of the number of images I had uploaded even though there was still 1 GB of space available of the 4GBs.  I'd much rather have all my images on the canvas (so I can use the mobile app and scheduler), but am concerned about this problem happening again.  Am I able to use all free space on the canvas and is there limitations prior to hitting 4GBs?

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