Trying to Hide cable using DC Port extension, thoughts ??


Trying to Hide cable using DC Port extension, thoughts ??

I recently mounted my Meural using swivel mount. I was thinking to hide the loose cable with following.


1: Purchase DC cable extension (male to female), this is the link : IBERLS 2-Pack 5.5 x 2.1mm DC Plug Power Extension Cable Supply Adapter for 5V / 12V / 2...


2: Drill hole at near the meural mount at the top of the wall and another one at the bottom


3: Run that extension cable through the wall, connect the male one to the canvas and female one to the original power plugs male


4: Install wall plate with round hole at bottom to make it look neat


It looks like viable solution to me, are there any safety hazard for this solution that I am missing ? Is it okay to run that DC port extension cable carrying 5V inside the wall ? Any thoughts on this ? 





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Re: Trying to Hide cable using DC Port extension, thoughts ??

That low of voltage/amperage shouldn't be an issue. I'm not an electrician but I've ran plenty of wiring and low voltage in my home. 

If you're worried, simply make sure both ends aren't within the wall or use an in-wall conduit setup. I've snaked a flexible conduit into a wall before for running other wires.  

i think that cable you linked to is only capable of 3A according to its spec sheet. 

You'll also want to be careful with making sure you're not running the cable to far. You'll get voltage drop with longer cables. 

It might also void your warranty by using a non-approved power cable. 

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Re: Trying to Hide cable using DC Port extension, thoughts ??

Thanks for your key inputs, I liked the idea of keeping connectors outside the wall.

However as it turned out, I didnt need to use extesion, I found alternative way to slide the meural cable up, with out having need to cut too big of holes in the dry wall.


I have created short video Mounting my Meural canvas hiding cable - YouTube if you want to check out.

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