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meural canvas II


meural canvas II

Why, if this is also intended to display our own photos, is the format 1920 x 1080?  It should be 1.5 x 1.0 (35 mm format), or 1920 x 1280, for instance.  The way it is loses a large portion of the display screen to a border.

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Re: meural canvas II

Hello billa,

Thank you for the question. The following dimensions are recommended for images:

Horizontal files, 16:9 ratio, cropped to fit 1920 x 1080 and for vertical files, 9:16 ratio, cropped to fit 1080 x 1920.

The Meural Canvas will adjust the look of a file so that it will look great no matter what format you put on it. You should make sure that your photo is cropped to 16:9 first though (even though the Meural can crop it for you). That way you get the exact crop and look you want.


Meural is a specialized 1080p LCD optimized for art and photography. The photo will be re-sampled to 1920x1080 automatically by the frame.


Also, here are a few more things to consider:


It is recommended to optimize images for 100 dpi (dots per inch).


RAW Files are not supported. Please see the link provided above for the supported formats.


If your photos are vertical, please use 1080x1920, if horizontal they are cropped to 1920x1080.


Since most photos are shot in horizontal, instead of vertical, consider the swivel mount as well.


Kevin K., NETGEAR Meural Community Team

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Meural Canvas MC227 Dimensions

As a follow-up question, what are the best specs for MC227? Please include formatting, minimum dimensions, best dimensions, etc. 

Thank you. 

Model: MC227| Meural Canvas
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