sd card problems and possible offline use



Got a canvas 2 and it is beautifull!


But has some problems


1 - the SD card - how do i get in contact with it and make the frame show the pics??


2  - are wifi nessecery all the time - it will be used at my old dads home - he dont have wifi - nothing to use it for. Can it be set up with wifi and then work without??





Model: MC327| Meural Canvas II
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Re: sd card problems and possible offline use

Maximum size and minimum speed of micro-SD card is


Insert card in card reader which connected to PC, use file explorer (Windows OS) to create up to 4 folders - Meural1,Merual2, Meural3, Merura4 and that is no more folders.  Copy the photos that you like into the folders that you choice. After you done.

Eject micro-SD card out of card reader.

With Canvas Power OFF,

insert the card into card slot (my is in the back left side, If you face the Canvas), there is only one way in, do NOT force it.  The micro-SD's label should face you. 

Power on

Use Application on your phone (Android), 4 ways control on the phone, press left side on the phone, Mueural SD icon should show up on the screen, then press left side, the photo should  appears.

BE PATIENCE, Canvs is a slow computer so do not expect instant response.  Photos looks wonderful, interesting how Netgear did that? Softeware enhanced?


Model: MC327| Meural Canvas II
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