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Software app for the SD Card

My kids bought me the Meural last month for my birthday.  The hardware is great except for the humongous plug that my electrician finally figured out what to do with.


My major problem is the lack of storage and the inferior software/app controlling the Meural.  I would have expected much better from a company like Netgear.


Your storage for my personal photography is miniscule and your cloud is extremely expensive so I bought a Micro SD card as suggested by Netgear.  Boy was I disappointed in trying to use the SD card.


  1. The SD card is not shown on the app (Apple) you can only play it by waving at the Meural.
  2. Because the SD card does not show on app, the Schedule can't be set to use the SD Card so every morning I start with Works which I don't want.
  3. You can't add any of your museum art to the SD only to the cloud and internal memory
  4. You can't add peronsal pictures to the SD card from my phone or PC on the app but I have to take the Meural off the wall and take out the SD card
  5. Tech support only wants me to become a member, which I did with my free year, but this will not solve my problem in 12 months when my free subscription is over.

In 2020 these should be basic functions to control and manage the Meural.  Very disappointed, maybe my kids should have just bought me a TV to hang.


Hopefully these are easy fixes that if Netgear wants to satisfy its customers can implement very rapidly.