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Cloud Storage


Cloud Storage

My account shows that I have 19.4 GB Cloud Storage Remaining, but when I just purchased artwork and tried to add it to a playlist it says I have no more room on my canvas.  Help please!




Model: MC327| Meural Canvas II
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NETGEAR Employee Retired

Re: Cloud Storage

Hello Pacific, 

Were you able to add the recently purchased artwork info your playlist? 



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Re: Cloud Storage

Our canvas seriial number is: 69K10378A0021


It has 4 GB of built in storage. New ones listed on Crutchfield say 8 GB of built in storage. If you buy two they share this space!


I used up my 4 GB of built in storage in 6 weeks. This needs to be greatly expanded. Without resetting my canvas, I am maxed out and can no longer purchanse anymore artwork or HD videos unless Idelete something from my playlists.


Poor planning on Netgears part as am a buyer of both the artworks and the new HD videos. You should have a capacity of 16-20 GB.


We thought of getting a second canvas as an overflow from teh first, however the capacity is shared, so does not improve our capacity. This is your biggest flaw.



Model: MC327| Meural Canvas II
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Re: Cloud Storage

I know, it's frustrating. Had this happen to me several times back when I was using free cloud storages. Total nonsense in my opinion. I reckon it's just a marketing move is all. Like those they give you when buying a new phone for example. Perhaps they are good but I have never used one as I don't like to trust corporations with my private data :). Now I use a payed cloud service with decent snowflake roles security systems, suggest you do the same.

Model: MC227| Meural Canvas
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