763S Aircard Excessive Data Usage and Firmware Updates


763S Aircard Excessive Data Usage and Firmware Updates

There is an option in the Advanced Setting to check for Firmware Updates.

There is one icon to "Check for Updates Now" and other pull down tab options of:






How about creating one that says "Manually", so I can control that part of it.

Also, how large are these Firmware Updates?


I've had 2 separate cases of huge data downloads (2.5GB and >10GB) that cannot be explained. The 3rd one was this morning with over 700MB in less than an hour.

I couldn't watch a YouTube video and have it consume that much date.

The unit is password protected and no one else has access to it.


I found a discussion board in Australia where some users had the same unexplained high data usage and no one could figure it out. Not the cell phone provider, not Netgear or Sierra Wireless.

The users suggested that it had to be a firmware update since there was no trace of a download happening anywhere else - just like in my case.


I'm limited to 5GB per month by the cell phone provider.

Can the software be configured with an option that gives off an alert and requires confirmation before letting the download proceedi any further when the data exceeds a user determined value like 100MB or 250MB in one session or within a 5 or 10 minute time frame?


I'm tired of spending time trying to figure this out with the cell phone provider and getting charged $10 per GB for the overage.

Thanks for seriously looking into this issue.

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Re: 763S Aircard Excessive Data Usage and Firmware Updates

Hello Nettygear


Those are great Ideas for all aircards you will want to post them on the Idea exchange board where our engineers look to add features to products.


as for the firmware downloads they are typically only a couple Mbs so I dont know how they would eat 700Mb plus of data in one night. 



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Re: 763S Aircard Excessive Data Usage and Firmware Updates

Hi nettygear
With downloads that size I would suspect windows updates running in the background. In my case to stop this I turned the netgear connection into a metered connection on my windows laptop and that stopped most of my overage issues. ...however it did not stop the background download of win10 upgrade. ..I found no way to stop that until it was complete.
My usual solution is to NOT auto connect to the netgear with my laptop and disconnect overnight...I find this helps.
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