AC785 feedback


AC785 feedback

FW Version: NTG9X25A_02.08.00.51
FW Build Date: 05/04/15
Web App Version: AC785S-1_03.03.58.06C
Bootloader Version, NTG9X25A_02.08.00.51
Hardware Version: 1.0
PRI version:  9903883, 01.09


  1. After opening the web UI at its IP address, e.g., when I navigate to a sub-page (e.g. Settings), it asks me if I want to abandon my updates even when I have made no change (no click, no key) to the Overview page. When I return to Overview and then navigate away again, this does not happen. It does happen too directly after changing language.

  2. Here in France my operator (“Free”) has a roaming arrangement with operator “Orange”, to extend its coverage. This form of roaming has no extra charge. While the PLNM shows I am in fact with another network (20801 instead of 20815), the network name shows as “Free”, not “Orange”. This results in two undesirable effects:
    • A warning triangle on the device screen / web UI / App.
    • A request is launched to acknowledge the roaming. If “Auto Connect” is set to “Always except when roaming”, it will not connect automatically.
    • The status LED is slowly blinking amber.
    • A separate count of traffic volume, making it difficult to monitor total usage (when on and off “roaming” in this sense.

See if it is possible to detect such “false roaming” and ignore it, treating it as if on the home network.

In addition, by summer 2017 all roaming charges will disappear in the European Union. Already my operator allows me to roam 30 days per year in each of the EU countries (and the USA). A global setting such as “Warn when roaming” might be useful.


  1. In the Web UI, the sub-sub menu items (e.g. under Settings | Network) the labels “Preferences”, “APN”, “SIM Security” and “Status Details” are gray on slightly lighter gray. I’am sure that on the calibrated monitor of the designer this looks great, but under less ideal conditions, these can be hard to read. Not everyone has 20/20 vision.

  2. Under Settings, Preferences, the item “LED” will not stop all LED signaling, only the blue “connected/ transferring” indication. Either change the effect of the parameter (turning off all LED signaling – my preference), or give a more accurate name, e.g. “Blue LED”.

  3. For the “IP Passthrough mode” (which should read “IP Pass Through mode”), add a warning such as “Pass Through disables the protection NAT provides against unsolicited incoming traffic.” and “It does not increase throughput.” (Unless it does improve throughput – does it?)

  4. Under “Software and Reset”
    • When I click “Check for Update” and the device comes back with “No update available”, the “Last checked at” field is not updated to the current date and time.
    • There is no “Reboot” option. If the AC785 is used as LTE modem, located in the attic to catch the strongest network signal, such a remote reboot is quit useful.
  5. On the first WiFi page (“Connections”), change the label “Edit” to “Options” for consistency.

  6. I am thankful for the information available on the “Status details” page. In my situation, relatively remote from towers in a mountainous area, I get rather modest network throughput, even with four or five bars reception quality (through roof mounted antenna and a Stella Doradus repeater/amplifier). At the same time, I suspect that the towers here have rather limited backhaul connections. It would be great if the AC785 could show me the modulation used by the radio link. (I am currently on HSPA+ @ 900 MHz, praying for the activation of a LTE transmitter soon…).

  7. Suggestion: Consider to implement “client isolation” on the guest network: in most scenario’s, guest only need to access Internet, not other clients on the same network; client isolation prevents malware infections and eavesdropping among clients.
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Sr. NETGEAR Moderator

Re: AC785 feedback

Hello Ernst


Thank you for the feedback on the AC785 I will bring this to the attention of the developers of the aircards. Hope to hear more feedback from you in the future or any question you may have.



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