AXE11000 Have Dual Wan Support?


AXE11000 Have Dual Wan Support?

So I see the router offers agg ports for the WAN, but I assume thats only for a single carrier (likek xfiinity multigig)  not any dual wan failover correct? I wanted to buy an MR5200 and tie it to this or better yet have an unlocked sim chip slot on this router. Any chance Im reading it wrong and ther eis dual wan failover, or the abilityu to connect the MR5200 as an OPT1 wireless gateway?

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Re: AXE11000 Have Dual Wan Support?

the RAXE500 doesn't currently have dual wan (failover) support. 

Maybe it'll be added in the future but netgear hasn't ever mentioned it or said anything so I wouldn't hold my breath. 

Current setup: CAX80->Trendnet TEG-S380->GS716T-> RBK752->pi-hole
1.4gig download/50mbps upload
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Re: AXE11000 Have Dual Wan Support?

Its really too bad - Netgear has 5 different modem/router/hotspot LTE options currently in the mix with the AX4 being the "viable" router and its 4G LTE. In fact only the MR5100/5200 hotspot is 5G and at that they dont have the 4G antennas connected which makes its fallback capability outside of a dense area reallpoor. They have they have the AX4. The 3 routers already offer this failover option so its not likenetgear doesnt understand or have the technologu, and offering both wan and lan aggports proves its not about the cost or engineering. The AX4 offers a close second , or id love the option to connect an MR5200 via Ethernet, USB or wireless even as a secondary gateway on the AXE11000. Id probably get the AX4 if it had 6E but looks like I'll have to wait a little longer. Asus offers the dual wan, but no 6E so again..halfway there but not all the way yet, and on a $600+ device it should.


Right now I run XFinity gig as primary through a Teltonika RUTX11 with dual sim failover to both AT&T and TMobile. I use a cisco catalyst 1905 in standalone mode as my AX internal access point. I use the RUTX11 internal wireless as a optional failover gateway which I can bridge to my 5G unlimited MIFI2000 hotspot, but since thats my main mobile hotspot, has no eth port, and no external antennas, it really never has been pushed into service orther than testing (I live in hurricane country).


I wanted to replace the whole thing with a single netgear solution picking up 6E, andn my Rog Encore with i9-9990XE can handle 2.5gb port aggretation which would be awseome!


I'll probably still pick up a MR5200 - I have an M1100 with TMobile right now and its pretty awesome as a hotspot, but why they dont have the 4G antennas hooked up on the unit and only the 5G really limits its use so I'm goingt ohave to hack apart my $600m hotspot day 1. Netgear..please look at your engineering from less of an engineering standpoint, and more of a user experience aspect, you obviously have the technology and capability!



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