I cannot access the setup page for MR1100


I cannot access the setup page for MR1100

So it was working fine for a few days, then I get a shower, and all of a sudden I have no internet, I check the mr1100 and it is at the setup screen... However, it does not allow me to go to attwifimanager page.. or the page... It does not have wifi either. Also it will randomly freeze and force me to remove the battery.

So then I've factory reset it using the button near the battery... multiple times... Still same issue.

Any ideas?

Ps. Wifi doesn't show either.

Model: MR1100|Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
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Re: I cannot access the setup page for MR1100

Hi @PlsHelp_Me


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Please wired a computer to the MR1100 and access the settings page. If failed, we suggest to contact support to better isolate the issue for possible hardware problem. 


Support team:


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