LB2120 How to SMS a command eg #11#


LB2120 How to SMS a command eg #11#

Is there a way to sent an SMS using a special code ? My SIM provider asks for an SMS to be sent to #11# to get a reply back on the amount of data left on the plan. When I try and enter #11# the LB2120 says it's an invalid number.

Don't really want to take SIM out and put it in a phone to check data usage.

I have a 365 day prepaid SIM that I use as a backup so the monthly measurements in the device aren't much use.


Model: LB2120|4G LTE Modem
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Re: LB2120 How to SMS a command eg #11#

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Unfortunately, you need to check it via phone since the device cannot send a text message. 

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Re: LB2120 How to SMS a command eg #11#

What does the Messaging selection on the left side do then?  If you select Messaging it says (for me) "No SMS Messages" and has an open to create a New SMS message...


Does this just not work but Netgear left it in there to enhance confusion?

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