Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect


Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect

I have been using this router for about two and half years now and I have also experienced many of the same issues mentioned above.. The new firmware update has seemed to cause my modem to lose connection to the Internet more often than it normally did before.. There are times when I have to refresh my browser to connect to anything.. I also use the bridge mode function so I can access my surveillance system remotely because the router mode causes issues with my DDNS server receiving the correct IP address.. In addition, I get the dreaded amber light at times and I think that it's more related to our ISP's losing connection rather than the device itself because many carriers are not very privy to their SIMs being used in a device that allows multiple connections to the Internet unless your account has unlimited data along with unlimited hotspot capabilties.. And even with so-called "unlimited" data, they tend to slow connections down after 22gb if there are multiple devices connected via one SIM.. I think ISP's may inadvertently disconnect Netgear modems for whatever reasons and when you couple that with other device-related issues, we may experience these phenomena that simply can't be explained.. When you compound that with bridge mode, the router handling the connection may cause problems as well.. Netgear did add the "keep alive" function in the new firmware update so it might help.. To curb the amber light and total loss of connection, there needs to be a "system-maintenance" function added so the modem can reboot itself on a regular basis to clear out any bugs causing the aforementioned issues.. The only method that seems to correct the amber light is to to power the unit off and back on again along with your router if you have one connected.. There have been many other instances where there has been outages for several hours and even a day or more before service is re-established which most if not all of us would quickly figure out.. I apologize for the excessively long response, but it's difficult to articulate technical issues without it being an encylopedia!!

Model: LB1120|4G LTE Modem
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Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect

I just want to report that I get this same issue and I don't get disconnected from my internet. I have the LB1120 plugged into the R6120 Router. I've been using this setup for over a year now and I do have an outdoor omni antenna attached to the modem. Every so often the power LED will turn amber but I will still have about 4 to 5 bars and I don't lose my connection to the internet. I go to check my device status and it still shows that I am connected to a tower with signal. I can still send emails and watch videos and play games, so I'm thinking it has something to do with deprioritization or congestion. I have an unlimited plan with no data cap. But if the tower is congested or there is heavy usage on the tower it does do this. I notice it more during the day than I do at night. Usually the light will turn green on its own again. Just as a side note. I have the LB1120 set to bridge mode and the R6120 handles all the routing and configuration. Firmware is all up to date and I dual boot Windows10 and Debian 9.3

Model: LB1120|4G LTE Modem, R6120|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect

Finally put my LB2120 where it belongs well not really but plumbers are expensive.

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Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect

Man, I wish that I had seen this thread before I saddled myself with an LB2120+Orbi Pro setup, along with an LB1120+Orbi RBK50 setup.


Both modems are running in Bridge mode on AT&T and both lose cellular connectivity (Magenta rings on the Orbis) twice a day so I have been forced to use digital timers to reboot twice a day to stay connected for the remaining 23 hours 56 minutes.


This is a lame workaround, especially for what seems like a 2 year issue with little to no progess, and even less communication with Netgear.


If there is a beta firmware process for either the modems or the Orbis I would love to join.  All 4 devices show up to date through the web ui  and since Netgear bafflingly does not list the latest firmware revision or manual upload files on the modems' support site I can only *GUESS* that I am truly current.  


When it is working the setups are terrific (although I have a couple of weird missing features Netgear has on their other modems/hotspots) so I would love to keep using them.

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Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect

Yeah, sorry you bought a faulty bit of hardware.


They've never successfully fixed the problem for anyone as far as I'm aware.


They went back and forth with me for months about pushing revised firmware to my system, and eventually I got updated firmware, but the problem didn't get resolved -- in my case, if the big pipe goes down, the LB2120 will switch to cell, but will continuously check the big pipe with occasionally outages when it checks i.e. it thrashes, switching from cell to big pipe and back, over and over.  The only way to get it to stop is to disconnect the cable to the big pipe -- if I do that, it'll use the cell exclusively -- and then if I want to try the big pipe, I reconnect the cable and reboot the LB2120


Anyhow in my case the big pipe provider got a lot more reliable so this went from something that happened every other week or so to something that happens only occasionally.  The device still doesn't work properly, but it's not as annoying, because the other issue doesn't happen as often.


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Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect

Oh, and I operate a small business and do some consulting on the side and will never buy Netgear products again, or recommend them to clients, because of the way this was handled, or more accurately, not handled.  It's amazing that Netgear is still selling this product when they know it doesn't work.


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Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect

I unplugged mine a few months back.

Swapped it out for a TP-Link Load balancer (TL-R470T+) and a single port 4G mini router thing (Archer MR3020)

Both worked out of the box and never had to touch em since.

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Re: LB2120: no automatic re-connect

Any updates to this?  My modem was pretty relable until I had to get a new SIM card.  Of course now, you have to get the smaller SIM card and use an adapter.  With the new SIM card, the modem intermittantly stops providng internet access.  I can communicate with it on and which I command it to reboot.  Then I'm fine until it stops working again.  

Model: LB2120|4G LTE Modem
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