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MR1100 LiFePO4 safer battery

wanted a vehicle router active when vehicle is off & parked in the sun so that parking mode of dashcam can connect to the cloud. Get very hot in gulf coast here and vehicle parked in sun can get extremely hot inside. Afraid of using the Li ion battery in the MR1100 for fear of fire/explosion and wanted a safer LiFePO4 battery. Blackvue and others have such external batteries for 2A with a USB connection that would be charged by car when vehicle is running. Will the MR1100 work with internal battery removed and powered only by an external LiFePO4 battery?

Model: MR1100|Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
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Re: MR1100 LiFePO4 safer battery



Highly likely some replacement battery does not work with M1. It must be compatible with M1 and I do not just mean size, voltage and things like that. M1 reads battery diagnostics data and charging algorithm uses that data to control charging process.

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Re: MR1100 LiFePO4 safer battery

Thanks for the reply. This would not be a replacement battery that goes inside the device, so the device would not be able to read any charactoristics of the external battery. The idea would be operating it without an internal battery, and insteady using the 5v/2A charinging barrel port only. However, instead of using a QC charger, use the 5v/2.4A output of a LiFePO4 battery that goes to the charging port of the device in lieu of the QC charger. WOuld that work?

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