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Nat type stuck on type 3 on PS4

Hi I just recently got in 4g lte internet seeing how my home provider only provides dsl at 600kbps. I have put the 4g modem into bridge mode set up the router to portforward psn ports and put it into dmz, but nothing seems to be working. Also yes I made sure my Ps4 has a static ip. Any help would be great just want to be able to talk to my buds in a party.
Model: LB1120|4G LTE Modem, WNR2020v2|N300 WiFi Router with External Antennas
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Re: Nat type stuck on type 3 on PS4

Hi @AresWarrior46 ,


I am not sure which ISP you are with but let me provide my 2 cents from experience with Telstra in Australia.  The standard(default) APN that is used on all Telstra Mobile Broadband services are NAT'd.  If a public IP is required then I need to contact Telstra and specifically state that I require an APN that provides me a public IP address which solves my issues.  You may want to check this with your ISP.





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Re: Nat type stuck on type 3 on PS4

Thanks for commenting my I use I third party bulk internet sales called netbuddy they run off of atnt. I'm in the us
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Re: Nat type stuck on type 3 on PS4

Ensure the LB1120 is operating in Bridge mode. Stupid but true, out of the box these devices - sold as MODEMs - are configured to router mode doing NAT. Same mistake with Netgear's DSL Modems by the way - have ranted about this fact many times already. FMI: LTE Modem LB1120 and LB1121 User Manual, p.23, Manage Router Mode and Bridge Mode on how to change to bridge mode.


Check your WNR2020v2 Internet/WAN port status - when I have it right it's on the Advanced tab - you should see the IPv4 address assigned from the ISP there. If these are RFC1918 or RFC6598 addresses, and you still get double NAT (one on your WiFi router is OK) your ISP does assign carrier grade NAT IP addresses you know where you have to talk to.



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