Nighthawk M1 Problem


Nighthawk M1 Problem

Hi, Im having a bit of a problem. I live rurally so I have bought the M1 to replace my fixed line broadband.


I was hoping that it would simply replace my static router, which I could then connect the M1 to my switch gear and all would be well. But, only 50% of this happened. 

In addition to fixed ethernet, I have 2 unifi AP's in the house. When connected to them, the wifi download speed is terrible, about 10% of the ethernet speed, however the upload speed is the same on both - really good.

Does anyone have any clue why this would be and anything I can do to solve?


Recent speed on wifi - 4.09Mbps Down - 25.0Mbps Up

Recent speed on ethernet - 33.40Mbps Down - 23.19Mbps Up



Thanks, Alex.

Model: MR1100|Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
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Re: Nighthawk M1 Problem

Hello, Alex, Do you still have issues with the M1?


If you connect to the M1 without the AP via WiFI, What is the speed that you get?

What are the devices that are connecting to the WiFI network?



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