Nighthawk M5 - International Capabilities US and EMEA


Nighthawk M5 - International Capabilities US and EMEA


I am traveling to the US, am located in EMEA and hence am looking for a M5 that will work in both worlds. As I understand the specs there are the following models available:


Since the MR5100 first released with AT&T, Netgear has announced or come out with additional models in the series, tailored to specific markets.

The current versions are:

Model # MR5100: The AT&T exclusive Version called the "Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot Pro"
Supports both mmWave and Sub-6GHz 5G
Model # MR5100C: The version exclusive to Bell Canada.
Does not support mmWave 5G
Model # MR5200: The International/Global Version - available for pre-order from Netgear and available August 2021.
Does not support mmWave 5G; supports global LTE and Sub-6GHz 5G bands.
Additionally, there is a version for the Australian market.


The local dealership in Switzerland, I buy all my electronic devices through, is selling the M5 with the following Product Reference: MR5200-100EUS.


Can someone verify that this is the device I am looking for despite the above statement that the MR5200 for international/global will be available only starting August 2021?

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