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OpenVPN Netgear LB 1120

Hardware: Netgear LB 1120 LTE Mobile Modem and TP-Link Archer AC 1200 WIFI Router T-Mobile: Prepaid Mobile Broadband This setup is freaking awesome and I am happy with the signal quality provided by T-Mobile. However, I cannot get OpenVPN to work. Am using default service port of 1194 and VPN Subnet/Netmask of and

FYI: I am not networking inclinded. Am very appreciative if you explain in layman's terms and give me step by step directions on how to fix this. Thanks in advance!

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Re: OpenVPN Netgear LB 1120

It is very helpful while you traveling. It works very simply and you can easily set up to your system.

You can install VPN server and need to transfer to the right port of your router and your system run on your system. Check  it  hp touchpad not working for more info 

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Re: OpenVPN Netgear LB 1120

FU up your mothers a. I asked for help and you post spam BS.

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Re: OpenVPN Netgear LB 1120

Hi i don't know much about the networking but i also faced the similar problem.


I doubt that you are running a DNS Server on your W7 Server .. so pushing this:
# can be pushed to clients, such as DNS
# or WINS server addresses. CAVEAT:
# The addresses below refer to the public
# DNS servers provided by
push "dhcp-option DNS"
;push "dhcp-option DNS"

will not work.

Try this instead:



push "dhcp-option DNS"
push "dhcp-option DNS"

Hope this helped.


You can reach advisors if still facing the same issues. 
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