Port forwarding ac810s


Port forwarding ac810s

I have recently purchased a new Aircard 810S from Telstra. It has a lot of nice featues but I cannot get port forwarding to work.

I regularly send files back and forth to a friend of mine overseas as we develop software together. I have followed the steps in the online documentation but I still cannot receive and files. Sending is not a problem obviously.


I also notice there appears to be two IP addresses. There is one that is displayed in status and a different one if you check


In the port forwarding area I named a label, netcat, the Lan IP which is, Port 12345 and used TCP. The normal command to receive files with netcat is 'ncat -l 12345' but it doesn't work. I have no problems transferring files like this with my Netgear DGN 2200.


The other problem is I can't get a VOIP SIP application to work, even if if try port forwarding port 5060.


I would greatly appreciate some help on these matters.





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Re: Port forwarding ac810s

Hello Smokey01


You may want to contact Telstra about this question there are the ones that do the full support for this product.



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Re: Port forwarding ac810s

I spent about 5 hours the other day speaking with telstra emplyees in shops and Telstra tecnical support over the phone.


The upshot of the situation is, it's not possible to have an external IP address on the Telstra mobile network either using a prepaid sim or residential account. It appears the only way to have an external IP address is on a business account/sim. Unfortunately unless you have an ABN you can't have a business account. You also have to be on a monthly plan to have a business account. I realise this is due to the shortage of IPv4 address however, IPv6 was introduced back in 2012 so why is this country dragging it's feet.


For others in the same boat, this is how I solved my problem. Read the first post to see my issue. (please don't mention skype as a solution)

I created a VPN using N2N-edge. You do need to have access to a supernode running on a server with an external IP. I have a friend who was kind enough to allow me access to his. The person I wish to exchange files and communicate must be connect to the same supernode. This way our communications and file transfers are peer to peer and very secure.


As a second backup try This seems to work fine behind a NAT and without an external IP address.

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