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Seeking anti-throttling device for cell hotspot usage



I live an unusual life.  I don't have a device yet, I am in the research and shopping around stage.  I do not have any ISP for my apartment because the plans are uber expensive and misleading due to their BS throttling.  I only have my T-Mobile unlimited 4g LTE hotspot on my iPhone 8+ that I use to support 2 Smart TVs + iPad + Win10 laptop.  I also do not have TV service might I add. (again packages uber expensive and as a woman I don't have a use for a billion sports channels nor do I or would I use HBO or Showtime nonsense so not worth it to me)  I live alone so I have no problem with the fact that once I take my cell phone out of the apartment my connection is gone - heck, when I'm not home there's no one that needs the connection especially my 3 kitties.  Here's what I'm seeking.

I truly wind up throttled by the 2nd day of my billing cycle for my T-Mobile "unlimited" 4g LTE hotspot.  I do not want a device that needs a sim card that would require me to be paying for a service - I have my hotpsot that I want to use but I am looking for a device that can use my existing hotspot without being throttled.  I could digress into the politics of how BS that is but I won't, we all feel the same way.  Before I purchase anything I want technological information to understand how the device works to stop/prevent the throttling and also a way for me on my own to do a "before the device and after th e device" speed test to verify that it truly does prevent the throttling and leave me unlimited.  I am a help desk tech for 25 years so I am pretty advanced with tech but I believe in verify before you buy.  I currently have zero info on how any device can work to prevent throttling technologically and that is the info I want.


I am also interested in finding out if VPN service can do this also as opposed to a router and yes, I want the same "how" info too on that.


Thank you in advance for all infoformation and advice.


Happy Holidays!



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Re: Seeking anti-throttling device for cell hotspot usage

There is no device that wont be throlled if the tower is congested. It does not happen ofter but it can and it depends on your plan. If you T-Mobile home internet they have no data caps but can throttle you if your tower gets congested at peak times. This happens with any carrier. Yes VPN's will be the only route but its not a guaranteed in some cases.

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Re: Seeking anti-throttling device for cell hotspot usage

T-Mobile's explanation (through multiple phone conversations) is that they reduce my hotspot speed after I reach certain quantities of data and also at "peak times" so it is a combination of "tech talk" explanations.  Data caps/thresholds and "prioritizations" (targeting what the industry calls "data hogs" or people that sit on their hotspot) to justify reducing the 4g LTE hotspot speed first to one speed reduction at one data threshold and then even slower at another threshold.  These companies are committing both fraud and bait and switch by having marketed their plans as "unlimited" but then throttling/capping them.  I don't know what universe these companies live in but in my universe the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition for "unlimited" does not say "but only if" or "until" certain criteria or thresholds are reached.


I would love to figure out a way to get a class action lawsuit started against these fraudulent companies.

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