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Setting up a local wifi network - if that's the right term?

Hi. I've just bought a Nighthawk M1 as a way of remotlely doing presentations with my Apple TV. I'm not using it to connect with the internet, and I won't be adding a sim card. I got it working, just by switching on and using the wifi name and pasword that shows up on the LED in the middle of the device and logging in with my Macbook, iPhone and iPad. All good. I thought I'd go a big deeper and set it up properly, but when I try - using the browser or app - and it asks for local credentials (Mobile Router's administration panel password) it won't accept the password. I'm using admin and admin. I tried admin and attadmin and that didn't work either. It seems I'm locked out. 

Model: MR1100|Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
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