DGN2200v4 - DynDNS authentication failed

Hello Community.


I am trying to enable on my DGN2200v4 (firmware, the dynamic DNS using DynDNS. I have a valid dyndns account, with other working hostnames in use for other devices.

After following the configuration guidelines onthe DGN2200, actually simple, I checked if the configuration toward DynDNS is working using "show status" button and the message I get is "Authentication failed. User name or password is not correct."

Now, I'm 100% sure I set the right hostname, dyndns account name, and password.

I suspect the falure is due to DynDNS site asking for https connection to send account name and password, while DGN2200 is using http.


Do you have a suggestion how to fix this blocking issue ?

I also searched in the community archive but didn't find a solution.

I cannot even upgrade the firmware relase because rel. seems the last one where VPN wizard is working, and I need to set up a VPN. Please, correct me if this wrong (tried with and, and VPN wasn't configurable).


Thank you in advance.

Br, Alessandro

Model: DGN2200v4|N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
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Re: DGN2200v4 - DynDNS authentication failed

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