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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

How to Post an AmA Question to this Board


How to Post an AmA Question to this Board

No current AMA's are live at this time, so we have disabled posting to this board. Subscribe to this thread for updates and new NETGEAR AmA's!


To post an AMA (Ask me Anything) Question here:

1. Be sure that an AMA is currently running. We will update this post with any current AMA's that are currently live.

2. Please make sure your SUBJECT line is in the form of a QUESTION

3. Provide additional clarification of your SUBJECT line in the BODY of the question.

4. Once the current AMA is over, we may revise your Subject line for clarity and move it to the appropriate discussion board.

5. This board may be reused with a new title at a later date.

6. See a question you want to have answered, please KUDOS it, or leave additional encouraging comments!

7. Thanks for your questions!

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To post a question to this Ask Me Anything AMA board, click here or the "Create A New Discussion" button and be sure it's written in the form of a question. Click the Pinned instructions thread to lean more.