Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?


Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?

This is still exactly the same (28.06.2021) - sites get blocks, add to unblocked url - success. Refresh in browser and site is still blocked along with another alert to say it is blocked. Vicious cycle.  Very poor product experience. I cannot do my job with sites blocked that I specifically need unblocked - Therefore my only option right now is to disable the product completely - please update me when this whitelisting actually works.

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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?

Oh? Why dont i see it yet? this post was 2 years ago and the option still isnt avalable for me

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Unblock feature will be added soon. NETGEAR team is working on it.



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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?

Anyone been in contact with NG support about this?

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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?



I echo all the concerns expressed in this thread. This "feature" of automatically blocking websites is not only ethically and morally wrong, an incredibly poor technological decision, and legally challengable. I didn't install the Nighthawk router this afternoon to improve my ability to work from home just to have about half the websites I need to visit blocked -- with no way for me, the owner and user, to whitelist those websites immediately. I must depend on the kindness, good graces, and timing of Netgear employees.


Additionally -- and please do not take this personally -- Netgear is providing incredibly poor customer service (to say the least). I am not singling you out personally; you're a frontline community moderator. Your job is to respond with the standard talking points your supervisors have provided. And I do appreciate your efforts to carry these messages back to the right folks at Netgear.


I've always been impressed with Netgear products and largely impressed with Netgear's customer service. But this afternoon? Right now? 

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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?

It's now 2022 and this still isn't fixed.     30 years in IT and this is the first paid security product I've run into that doesn't have a whitelist function.  Oh and now the submit site throws an error  as well.    Disabled Armor.  Won't be renewing.

Model: RBK53|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System
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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?


I just registered a domain and Armor immediately blocked it. I can't get access to it. I see all these complaints from people over two years ago where you people said you would fix this freaking problem and it still exists.


A user should be able to access their own router AND web security service to unblock a domain or whitelist a domain. 

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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?

I'm just here in February 2022 to say ... I wish I had read this beforehand. Trying to access a work profile to edit the page, and I can't because Netgear Armor flags the page with a provacy warning. Sigh ... 

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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?

So... I selected the option to allow only https connections to my Orbi router admin page, and now Netgear Armor denies access to it due to an untrusted certificate.


The genius of Netgear is astounding. Add to this: there is no option to whitelist the URL offered in the app or on the armor website. So, I've canceled autorenew on Armor, and have disabled it halfway through the first year of my subscription. Apparently, Netgear has adopted a software model like Microsoft's, but on steroids: WE, the customer, are their beta team as with Microsoft; however, Microsoft programmers have at least some talent. Netgear? Nope. Frankly, I'm tired of their updates bricking the unit. Tired of doing factory resets and reconfiguring my network to work around their latest update FLICK up. Tired of wrestling with Netgear Armor to access the sites I've used for decades. (On top of this, I now have a very negative view of Bitdefender. Way to go, Netgear! Way to go...) I should have learned my lesson with the Nighthawk modem and extender that preceded this... Netgear has received all of the money they'll ever receive from me. I'm now searching for another mesh solution for my home so I can relegate this crap to the trash heap where it belongs.

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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblock?

Having the same issue as described here in this thread with Orbi 750 product.  It is difficult to understand why this feature is missing.  Turning all protection off, to allow a known good site to work, is extreme to say the least.  Please do something to correct this issue.





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Re: Armor Blocking Sites - How to Unblocked

My account b
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