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Armor slowing wired and wireless speeds


Armor slowing wired and wireless speeds

Recently, I purchased a Netgear R6700v3 with firmware to replace my old Netgear R6400 (latest firmware as of 1/14/2021). 


Prior to upgrading to the R6700v3, my normal download and upload were 300Mbps down / 20Mbps up. After switching to the new router, my max speeds for 48 hours were 150mbps down and 20mbps up.


I figured this was a modem issue so I connected directly to my modem and checked my speeds and they were fine (305mbps down/20mbps up). I hard reset the R6700 a few times and I was still pulling the slower speeds of 150mbps down / 20mbps up. 


I swapped out the new router R6700 for my older R6400. The speeds improved back to 300mbps down / 20mbps up.


I went online and did some research and found out when Armor was introduced it seemed to cause issues with speed. Slower speeds makes sense, Armor is inspecting packets and augmenting the R6700 to be a security device. I deactivated Armor on the R6700v3 and reset the modem. Speeds remained slow (not going above 150mbps down / 20mbps up).


I then rolled he firmware back on the R6700 to and the speed issue resolved and I was getting my normal bandwidth throughput of 300mbps down and 20mbps up.


It seems to be an issue with Armor or the firmware since Armor was added. I don't want to stay on old firmware as several security patches have been made between and However, I don't want my network to slow down and have my bandwidth bottleneck be my brand new router. 


My question is... Is Netgear actively working on a fix for this issue or is this not seen has a problem but a benefit? I'd like to know so I can cut my losses and move on, or keep this router for a fix that's already being actively worked and will be ready for release soon.


Please advise. @netgear



A few of the links I visited before posting...

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Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Armor slowing wired and wireless speeds

I had same issue with, wired ethernet was also slow at 106 mbs , I have 400mbs connection. my router is R6700v3 I also downgraded to and issue is gone, now getting 380mbs I hope netgear look at its code release after armor release 1.0.4.xxx family firmware.
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