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Cannot disable armor RBR40 "Process is taking too long"

I'm unable to disable Armor as I keep getting a "Process is taking too long (more than 60 secs), Try again!!" error. 


Why is there not option to disable it using a desktop? I've tried reinstalling the app on my phone, but nothing turns it off. 


Any assistance would be appreciated. 


Thank you

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Re: Cannot disable armor RBR40 "Process is taking too long"

My impression is that most of us who participate regularly in this Orbi forum have little experience with Bitdefender Armor.

You are much more likely to get a useful response by posting in the forum specifically devoted to Armor:



As far as I know, if the Orbi App cannot disable Armor, the only absolutely positively way to get rid of it is to Reset to Factory and during the configuration (using the web interface, not the App) be very careful to never activate Armor.

I love my Orbi.
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Re: Cannot disable armor RBR40 "Process is taking too long"

Thanks for the response. I'll post over there.


I love the Orbi system, I've even extended it to four satellites, but Armor is just terrible considering how difficult it is to disable. I don't understand it. 

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Re: Cannot disable armor RBR40 "Process is taking too long"

Hi @StephenRSantoro,

Sounds like you are having an Orbi app issue where there is a time out occurring when you use the disable feature of the app. The way the disabling works is when you disable the feature on the Orbi app there is command/api that gets sent to the rbr40 telling the feature to be disables and sound like that’s what’s timing out. My suggestion to fix this quickly would be to reset the RBR40 to factory settings as that will take care of it. The other thing I would suggest is make sure you have the latest Orbi app version from the app store and try again, if that still fails than shake your device and submit an instabug log to Netgear so they can have a look and see why the command is timing out in the app.


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