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Re: NETGEAR Armor Frequently Asked Questions


Re: NETGEAR Armor Frequently Asked Questions

The Netgear armor keeps popping ATTACK threats on my app, but very little information as to what it is.  How do I get more information on why Armor is blocking the traffic?   At least the SPAM alerts have a URL or something, these ATTACK based ones, have no detailed information.

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Re: NETGEAR Armor Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, despite the worrisome contents of this thread, I am considering switching from my current trusted security product to the NG Armor/Bitdefender Total Security system.


I pay an extortionate amount of money for business security so that my Windows Server Essentials 2016 box is covered. However, my current trusted product is Russian. And, I am concerned that world affairs could disrupt my access to all-important updates/definitions.


During the 30-day trial of NG Armor (router only) I was led to believe that my WSE16 box could download the on-the-go component via a link.


My question is; can this be true? Will Bitdefender Total Security really cover my home (file) server?


I would like to add, that if an option for a licence to cover just the router was available, I may have considered this earlier. Although, it would have to be a more reasonable than what, say, Linksys/TrendMicro are currently offering!


PS. Can someone PLEASE add the RAX50 (AX5400) to the model list on the forum? Thanks.

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: NETGEAR Armor Frequently Asked Questions

During my trial, I also noticed a lack of more information on such events @serenity808. However, if you log into the router’s web interface, you will find more information (like attacking IP) there. I hope this is useful!

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