NETGEAR Armor activation issues

NETGEAR Armor activation issues

I have x-number of confusing/baffling/frustrating related or unrelated issues going on – as described below:


When I’m in under Devices, only about ½ of my devices are detected.  It detects my old iPhone 7 and my wife’s old iPhone 6 (I have recently removed both of those phones that I don’t even have any longer), but it does not detect my new iPhone 12 nor my wife’s new iPhone 11 as well as other devices. When I’m in, all of my devices are detected. 


When I’m in, under Security it shows “STATUS: NOT ACTIVATED”.  However, when I’m in, under My Subscriptions it shows that NETGEAR Armor has an Active Status. Is it possible to have an active subscription and not have Armor activated?


When I’m in my Nighthawk APP and I hit Security, I keep getting an “Unknown Error” – forever.  Thus, I try to delete/reinstall the Nighthawk APP. When I delete my Nighthawk APP and then try to put it back on my iPhone 12, within the process I reach a brick wall:  On top of a page that reads “NETGEAR Account Login” and I get a statement that reads “We don’t recognize this device” followed below by “We sent a push notification to Neil’s iPhone to verify your identity. This screen will automatically disappear when verified”.  However, I never receive that push notification (as I surmise that the push notification is being sent to my old iPhone 7).  Then I hit “Resend Push Notification” and this message appears:  “Unable to login” and below it states “We can’t verify your account.  Please try again or click on try another method to login by other available options”.  I am able to bypass this roadblock by using another verification method – using a code that is sent to my email account.  However, it appears as though to me that my NETGEAR account does not know how to recognize my new iPhone 12 and/or how to verify my account – that could be why I get the same UNKNOWN ERROR when I hit SECURITY in the Nighthawk APP.  I get that UNKOWN ERROR while the APP is trying to validate the account/verify account information (as shown on my iPhone).


I have tried deleting/reinstalling the Nighthawk App on my wife’s iPhone 11 and on both of my iPads (interestingly enough both iPads just happen to be detected via, but to no avail…as the same above-stated scenario always happens!


When I’m in the Nighthawk APP, it does not state anything next to the word “Security” – should it state “Activated” – if that was the case?


I am at my wits end as this has been going on since 01/01/21 and I have spent countless hours talking to NETGEAR Tech Support to no avail!  THANKS!!




Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: NETGEAR Armor activation issues



May you send me a private message with your email address and case number(s). I'd like to look into this further for you.



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