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Re: Netgear Armor Bitdefender - Family Members


Netgear Armor Bitdefender - Family Members

I activated the Netgear Armor trial and installed the included Bitdefender on our mobile devices. How do I login to the Bitdefender Armor app on my wife's iPhone? Do I log in with my info, or is there a way to create a new log in for her? Thanks!

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Re: Netgear Armor Bitdefender - Family Members

Hi cgskipper, 


At this time Armor does not support multiple logins. You will need to login using your info. 




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Re: Netgear Armor Bitdefender - Family Members

What’s the point of downloading this and having the protection for devices on my network if my family all has to use my login? What am I missing here or what is the sales pitch I missed? Bought Armor for the devices on our network, which clearly are not all mine or tied to only my email address. So the only way for their devices to use the service is to use my login? Dumb. XFi has this built in and covers every device - mobile or smart home. This is two strikes (#1 is no parental co tools built in to the high end Orbi). So $700 later I’m 0 for 2.
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