Netgear Armor - Two Routers


Netgear Armor - Two Routers

I bought the r7000p earlier this year. I activated the 3 month Armor trial and then paid for a year's use at the end of the trial.


A month ago I decided to sell the r7000p and purchase the Orbi rbr20 two pack, because I was experiencing weak signal in certain parts of my house. I had read the support documentation on the Armor web portal and was aware you could add another router to your subscription.


With this in mind, I signed in with my existing Armor account with my new Orbi as I still had 200 days of subscription left. I also wanted the r7000p removed from my account, as I no longer owned it, so contacted Bitdefender to do the honours.


When I activated Armor on the Orbi a 30 day trial started, which I thought was odd because I had an active subscription which I'd signed the Orbi in to. I thought nothing of it until today when the subscription was listed as 'expired' on the Orbi ios app. When I accessed the Security menu it wanted another 59.99!


To annoy me even more, Bitdefender has still not removed the r7000p from my account. They've asked me for the router ID and the serial number over the last month to no avail. When I open the Armor web portal it still appears next to the Orbi.


I've opened ANOTHER ticket with Bitdefender, but until this is resolved I have a paid Armor subscription with no protection on my Orbi - even though it is logged in to the active Armor subscription.


It would help if they let you manually remove routers yourself but, that said, the subscription states that you can add more than 1 router.

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Re: Netgear Armor - Two Routers

Hello arjb1976, 


Thank you for taking the time to post. I'd like to look into this further for you and I have sent you a message. 




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