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Netgear Armor activation fails on Nighthawk R7000


Netgear Armor activation fails on Nighthawk R7000

Hi community!

I'm having issues activating Netgear Armor on my Nighthawk R7000. 


R7000 web UI: "The NETGEAR Armor security activation process failed due to some reason. Please contact Technical Support for more details."


Android App: "Activation failed. Failed to subscribe"


I am able login to my Netgear Account through the R7000 web ui, it does login and give back my name. When I login to MyNetgear I don't see any options to purchase a Netgear Armor licence or subscription. 


My current thinking is that the free trial period has expired. But there is no way to purchase a license or subscription. Looks like an oversight in how Netgear designed the trial an purchasing process. What can I do to purchase Netgear Armor and give Netgear some of my dollars? 


Anybody has any ideas on this? 


PS - This did not resolve my issue:


Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Re: Netgear Armor activation fails on Nighthawk R7000

Hello DeMaat, 


Welcome to the community! May you take a moment to power cycle your router and reinstall the Nighthawk app. Please check to see if your router is due for a firmware update. If your issue persists, may you send me a private message with your email address and serial number. 



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Re: Netgear Armor activation fails on Nighthawk R7000



I didn't think the R7000 supported Netgear Armor; that's why I upgraded to an R7000P, and upcycled my R7000 as an access point. Is it possible the failure is related to this? 


Re: Christian's advice on the firmware update: I just did both of mine (R7000 to and R7000P to and the R7000 has no armor fixes (presumably b/c unsupported), while the R7000P update has a number of Armor fixes.


Hope that helps,





Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Netgear Armor activation fails on Nighthawk R7000

Hello, My NightHawk R7000 has the latest firmware V1.0.9.88_10.2.88

I purchased my NightHawk a year ago and the 12 months warranty expired just only two days ago. The router works great and the Nighthawk App on my iPhone works very well. But I probably didn't fully enable Armor/Bitdefender when I installed the router a year ago? I am trying on my iPhone Nighthawk App to Activate Trial and subscription for Armor/Bitdefender. It does not work and I get "Error, Failed to Subscribe, Activation failed". I have tried several times. What should I do? I really would like to purchase the Subscription.

Thank you


Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Netgear Armor activation fails on Nighthawk R7000

I just went through a nightmare scenario (still ongoing) with Armor, and after 5 hours on the phone just to collect info. on the problem, maybe I can share some stuff that might be helpful. I'm running an R7000P, with an R7000 connected as an access point. When I initially bought the R7000, it didn't support Armor (why I upgraded to the R7000P), and up-cycled the R7000 as an access point. Further, when I talked to Netgear support they couldn't find any record of my subscription--even though I provided confirmation of purchase and activation emails. I wasn't even given the option of calling support (my online requests went unanswered); the moderator here passed my plea for help with Armor activation onto the Netgear support team himself.


It turns out that both Bitdefender and Netgear are both selling the subscriptions--yet their systems are not fully integrated as they should be. This is a huge problem; enough so that it's now escalated past tier-2 support and on to engineering. Although I manually updated the firmware on both routers + factory reset, it didn't touch the problem. We ended up 'shock' resetting the routers + firmware update again, and that eventually allowed the R7000P to be recognized by Armor. I'm told that the R7000 has since been supported by Armor, but the release notes on the latest firmware say nothing about Armor (fixes or anything else), while the notes on the R7000P mention Armor several times.


My advice: consider trying armor.netgear.com on your desktop. If no luck with that, ask the moderator if he can pass along a support request to Netgear, since this is a current subscription issue, not a hardware issue. I sense a number of consumer legal issues can be at play here if Netgear and Bitdefender end up pointing the finger at each other for both functionality and billing issues.


Hope that helps



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