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Netgear Armor cancel subscription and keep money


Netgear Armor cancel subscription and keep money

I purchased 2 Netgear Amor products that work with Bitdefender - Netgear Amor on my Orbi RBR850 router and satellite for all devices and Netgear Armor VPN by Bitdefender.  Netgear Armor downloaded SPC trail without permission on my router free 1 month trail.  I do not require Parent Control all kids have left home, no grandkids yet.  Netgear said I need to upgrade to unlimited SPC naturally at a cost I declined so Netgear Armor cancelled all my subscriptions I had paid for a month age for full year.  Netgear say they did not cancel they lie, my system and computers show Netgear Armor cancelled so I am back using The last 2 months of my McAfee subscription.  Netgear raised the issue to a level 2 Technician who never even looked at my case, he just said send email to customer.service@netgear.com what a wast of 3 weeks trying to resolve.  Netgear Armor in my opinion is useless their business model is get at much money out of you doing not work a disgrace.  Still no resolution Netgear continue to mislead, lie, etc. they are a joke.


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Re: Netgear Armor cancel subscription and keep money

Sadly, not much we can do as this is the community support forum where members of the public help out. 

Maybe a moderator will see and be able to help a bit. 


To get a hold of support for subscriptions services like Armor/Circle, click on "MyNetgear" at the top.
Register an account (or login) and then the device.
From there you can start the support process.
Click on: My Support---->Contact Support---->Get help with my subscription service

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Re: Netgear Armor cancel subscription and keep money

Netgear is The Most Difficult Company To Contact I have Ever Experienced. Been trying To Contact Support To Cancel Netgear Armor For About 3 hours  Now. Cannot Use Armor , not Compatible With Nord VPN . I Have Clicked On The Contact Support Link & I Go To A Never Ending Loop. Anyone Else Having This Problem ? Any Suggestions ? 


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Re: Netgear Armor cancel subscription and keep money

Thanks, I will try to contact them.

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