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Netgear Armor cancellation refund difficulties


Netgear Armor cancellation refund difficulties

Hi. I'm hoping someone with Netgear can please help me out here. I was charged twice, two separate credit cards, for the renewal of Netgear Armor (and for BitDefender which I have no idea why). I was charged for BitDefender and for NG Armor. One chard occurred for the discounted in-app charge. I have decided to cancel the product entirely. Approximately 10 days had passed when I figured out both charges and from the NG Armor side the offshore support keeps telling me between the auto-renewal date June 19, 2022 and June 27, 2022 (when I asked for cancellation) that it was 'fully maximize' and no refund is possible. I want both of my charges back that totaled more than $100 returned and for Armor to be canceled. I have had no luck working with NG Support. 


Can someone please help me out.



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Re: Netgear Armor cancellation refund difficulties

You can dispute it with your credit card. Sometimes thats the best option as it puts the burden on Netgear to prove its valid. And it gets tougher when they have a double charge. 


Or maybe a mod can help out like @DarrenM or @ChristineT 

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