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Netgear Armor for Orbi LBR20 + RBK53 (router APN)


Netgear Armor for Orbi LBR20 + RBK53 (router APN)

Morning folks,


I have enjoyed my RBK53 system for a couple of years, but hated the abysmal internet speed that our phone line provides. We have a Orbi LBR20 that we have used for a 4G backup, though not connected to the phone line (no 4G signal at phone line location). We have finally bitten the bullet and shutdown our landline, we now rely on our 4G router (with 250Gb monthly allowance) for the internet.


My question are:

1. It is time to renew our Armor subscription (cheapest deal seems to be through the Orbi app Armor button); if we activate the LBR20 armor subscription will that also cover the attached RBK53 mesh (RBR50 plus 3 RBS50 satellites)?


2. If not, do we need to have a second subscription for the attached RBK53 setup (RBR50 set to APN)?


3.Or, remove the RBR50 from the equation and source a fourth satellite or wifi extender to cover our garage cameras.


Thank you,


Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Netgear Armor for Orbi LBR20 + RBK53 (router APN)

Hi ChezStevens,


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This link may help you out: 



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Re: Netgear Armor for Orbi LBR20 + RBK53 (router APN)

Thank you, I have removed the Orbi RBR50 and just connected the 3 RBS50s direct to my Orbi LBR20. That resolves paying twice!

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