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Netgear Orbi App - Netgear Armor

I have a Netgear RBR850 and 1 satellite.  It worked great until I joined Netgear Armor.  I was with McAfee for 20 years heavy but no problems.  Only reason I changed was for Bitdefender.  Mistake I made was thinking Netgear Armor and Bitdefender worked seamless together, unfortunately a lesson learnt they do not.

1st the Netgear Orbi app went down could not access my router.  2nd Netgear cancelled my subscription only 3 months after purchasing due to Netgear Orbi App issues they claimed. Weeks to get hold of Netgear where I was not waiting for plus 30 minutes a call.  Netgear informed me they are having major problems with the Netgear Orbi App.  Well does not end there, my Bitdefender subscription was cancelled by Netgear so I had an Armor subscription not related to Bitdefender made no sense or Netgear are full of it, misleading us all for a false subscription.  Netgear have now elevated my case to a level 2 Technician, I still have a subscription with Netgear Armor the problem is Level 2 Technician's never calls back.  Netgear are either over worked because of all the faults with their systems or they have no idea and lie to delay.

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Re: Netgear Orbi App - Netgear Armor

Hi Kim0007, 


Welcome to NETGEAR Community!


We'd like to help with getting your case on track. Please send me a private message with your case number.


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