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Not able to get Armor on my new router or remove my old one from my account.


Not able to get Armor on my new router or remove my old one from my account.



For backgound see this thread: https://community.netgear.com/t5/General-WiFi-Routers-Non/Ny-new-Orbi-RBR750-already-registered-but-... . I marked it as solved since I thought Netgear support would resolve it. That is NOT the case.


I currently own a Orbi RBR750 with one satellite registered on my mynetgear account. My old router Orbi RBR50 with a satellite I no longer own but it's still registered on my mynetgear account. The old router is also registered on my armor.netgear.com accounrt and I can not find a way to remove it. I have a month left on my Armor account but Netgear Support claims that I do not have a plan. I can SEE my router and how many days is left in my account. I then thought I could let it go and put Armor on my new router. That isn't possible either. I just get an error message when I try to set up Armor through the Orbi Android app. And Netgear Support doesn't seem able to do anything. I can not removed ,my old router and not add my new. I am now afraid they will renew my Armor account since I paid with a credit card. I can't find the payment method anywhere in my Armor account either. The receipt I got when I renewed last time says:


"Your NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender subscription associated with xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com has been extended with 12 MONTHS, for 69.99 USD and it will expire on February 05, 2022"


Iam totally at a loss here! I can not add my new router to Armor nor remove my old one and in February I may be charged again for a subsription for my old router I no longer have. What can I do next? 

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