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Question on threats to IOT devices


Question on threats to IOT devices

Router is AX6000 Cable Modem Router (CAX80) also have two AX6000 (EAX80) Extenders configured as Access Points.


Few days ago between 1am and 2am there were a flurry of threats, ~77 or more. Armor says DoS attempts against all networked devices, Nest, Ring, ChimePro, wireless speakers and their amp, my home theater receiver and of course my computers. All blocked by Armor. I realize this is a naive question but since all these devices are on the other side of my router were these coming from the outside or is somethng running inside my home network? Things have quited down since then but the fact that it found all my devices is a bit nerve racking. My currrent threat level according to Armor is 73 (was 64) but in the Nighthawk app on the security screen the middle tile (between eligle devices, and threats detected) is always blank with a rotating cursor. I never get recommendations from Armor. Just a spinning cursor. Also the protection history (View log) clicking on the score is always empty with "No Data Found"


Asking for advice.



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Re: Question on threats to IOT devices

Dos Attacks can be false positives sometimes smart devices try to ping there own cloud server or the other way around and they can be seen as a Dos attack but they are not I would keep an eye on if this keeps happening.

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