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RAX70 and Mesh Set Up


RAX70 and Mesh Set Up

I completed a Netgear survey as our new-ish RAX70 router is not performing as expected.  Our house is not particularly large so assume it is the steel support columns causing interference.   Basically our internet is no more reliable with fibre and a RAX70 router than it was with normal broadband and a standard issue modem.  Based on our number of devices and device use, the survey returned a recommendation to purchase Netgear Orbi Tri-Band WiFi 6 - 4.2Gbps Mesh System - Router + 2 Satellites. I'm not sure how this plays out.  We already have a RAX70 router, so why do we need another router?  Does one connect to the other or does one replace the other?  If the latter, then have we just wasted money on a now redundant RAX70?  Do I just need to buy a mesh system that will work with our existing router?  Any guidance appreciated but I don't speak tech so bear with.  Thanks.




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