RBR40 with bitdefender already separately installed - how to sync them up?

Its RBR40 not RBS - not sure why product is not listed in the dropdwon.


Is there a way to sync the RBR40's desired to install Bitdefender on my PCs when I already have it installed separetly? A way to link them up or simply just remove the messages.

Model: RBS40|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Add-on Satellite
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Re: RBR40 with bitdefender already separately installed - how to sync them up?

Ok, I got the right tech support and partial answer I think.  For the benefit of others:

  • The 2 cannot really synch with ear other, or remove the warning about my devices not being protected.
  • My Personal Bitdefender (a slightly lesser version than Total Security - AntiVirus Plus)  Runs $69.99/year for 5 devices.  Total Security is $89.99
  • The Netgear Armor version has unlimited devices and is also $69.99 after the 30 day trial
  • Pro for Netgear Armor: It puts protection on the router itself which I have seen in action and is good.
  • Con for Netgear Armor: Not useful on notebooks that connect to other networks outside of your house.

So I tried to install the Armor version, and it would because it says its already installed.  Which means I'm going to have to uninstall it and try again.  UGH!  So this will be a long and frustrating battle to get this to completion.


This is the link that cleared a lot of things up:



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