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RN 104 Error: kmem_cache_alloc+5c

Hi! I am from Brazil, dealing with the english technical terms, please be patient!

I have a NETGEAR READYNAS 104 DISKLESS (RN10400) since 2014, and it works fine until now. I noticed that I couldn't find my NAS on my network and when I check the equipment, saw a message "kmem_cache_alloc+5c". I tried to reboot it, but the only way to do something is to disconnect the power cable from the device. After the boot, I got the same message, and I got desperate.

I saw some guy saying that could be a hardware problem, a memory ploblem. I suppose my disks are fine, I have 4 hds with 2TB each.


What should I do? 

Model: RN10400|ReadyNAS 100 Series 4- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: RN 104 Error: kmem_cache_alloc+5c

If I couldn't recover my device, can I remove de disks and recover the data from my hd drives?

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Re: RN 104 Error: kmem_cache_alloc+5c

I have downloaded RAIDar 6.4 for Windows, the software was unable to find my device.

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Re: RN 104 Error: kmem_cache_alloc+5c

Hi! @mcAugt


Welcome to the Community!


You can do a memory test through the Boot menu to check. If it's a bad RAM since RN104's memory is soldered then it is considered as a Hardware problem. If your NAS is under 3 years then it would be best to contact Support to request for RMA.


You can connect your disks to your PC and use a apps like r-linux or ReCLAIMe. This way you may recover your data from the RAID.


Hope this helps!








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